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Amr – Arabic

Born and educated in Cairo, Egypt, Amr has worked as a translator since 2010. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Banha University in Egypt and a Master of Arts in Arabic Translation from the American University in Cairo.

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Maria – Spanish

Maria is a Spanish and Italian native speaker. She studied English-to-Spanish translation at Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires. With translation experience dating back to 1985, Maria can translate between English, Italian and Spanish, particularly in hospitality, legal and marketing subjects.

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Sandrine – French

Sandrine holds a Masters in English-to-French translation as well as Conference Interpreting PDG (English-to-French). Her areas of expertise in include hospitality and travel, IT and legal documents.

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Minha – Korean

Minha has worked in the US and her native Korea as a translator since 2010 Her areas of expertise are wide-ranging and include travel, beauty, luxury goods, gaming, marketing, architecture and construction.

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Miyuki – Japanese

Miyuki worked in Australia and Japan as a professional marketer focusing on brand, research and sales before becoming a full-time translator, specialising in consumer goods, fashion and marketing.

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Sauha – Chinese

With over twenty years’ experience as a full-time translator, Sauha worked as a translator for a major newspaper, specialising in international financial news, before working full-time on the Client side. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from California State Polytechnic University.