MYL’s success depends entirely on whether we add value to our Clients’ business. We can only add value if the translators we employ are skilled, diligent and care about delivering consistently high quality work.

As part of our commitment to delivering consistently high quality work, Translators must be able to satisfy the first seven of MYL’s “Eight Skills Test”. Once Translators have delivered 10,000 words of translation without any complaints they will have passed MYL’s “Eight Skills Test” and earn MYL’s Translator Certification. This ensures that we stand the best chance possible of meeting our Clients’ expectations, and creating a sustainable business for MYL and its translators.

Essential Requirements:

1. A native speaker of the target language.

2. Demonstrated expertise in their area(s) of specialisation.

3. Passed MYL’s translation tests related to their area(s) of specialisation(s).

4. University graduate with a degree related to languages and/or translation.

5. Not allowed to specialise in more than two areas.

6. Minimum of three years translation experience in area(s) of specialisation.

7. Translation Memory (TM) enabled.

8. Minimum of 10,000 words of translation, with no complaint issues.