Terms and Conditions for Rate Schedule

  1. A minimum charge of USD500 will apply for the first editing or translation job with MYL. Quotations are available on submission of documents.

  2. Clients are encouraged to open a FREE MYL online account after their first job has been completed.
  3. For all MYL account holders, a minimum charge of 300 words/characters applies to all online editing and translation jobs submitted through the MYL system.

  4. A manual handling charge of USD500 per file will apply for Clients who choose not to use the MYL system.

  5. A surcharge may be applied for highly technical documents and/or user manuals etc. Quotations are available on submission of documents.

  6. We translate a maximum of 1,500 word/characters in a 24-hour period, 3,000 word/character in 48 hours and 4,500 word/characters in 72 hours.

  7. We edit a maximum of 3,000 word/characters in a 4-hour turnaround period, 5,000 word/characters in 6 hours, 10,000 word/characters in 24 hours and 20,000 word/characters in 48 hours.

  8. There will be a surcharge for jobs that exceed the maximum number of word/characters within the time periods stated in points five and six.

  9. DTP prices are not included in the above rates. For a quotation, please contact your Account Manager or email service@mylGlobal.com.

  10. Singapore dollar rates can only be applied to MYL accounts with a Singapore billing address.