Translating vs. Translation-editing: What’s the Difference?

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Years ago, the entire translation process, from initial review to final editing, was done entirely by humans. This method often produced excellent results, but also took a long time from start to finish. This scenario was far from ideal, especially in the business world, and especially when the material to be translated is lengthy, urgent,…

E-mail Copywriting: Five Really Useful Tips

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The delete button can be the recipient’s best friend and the sender’s worst nightmare. Here are some ways by which you as a copywriter can write a marketing e-mail message that is direct, concise, effective, and – before anything else – actually opened and read. 1. It starts (and might end) with your subject line! You have a…

Big Data is Predicting the Future of Translation

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Many organisations have multiple, multi-layered translation requirements that need accurate handling and quick turnaround. To meet the needs of these organisations, many translation service providers use various automated tools that offer both accuracy and efficiency, yet fall short of delivering quantifiable measurements to truly gauge the effectiveness of their service. Enter cloud-based translation tools. These…

Case Study – Marc Jacobs

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ABOUT OUR CLIENT Marc Jacobs is a leading American luxury clothing and accessories brand. MYL’s MISSION Translating training material from English to Korean to deliver consistent professional standards. OUR SOLUTION Marc Jacobs has been shaping fashion trends worldwide ever since it opened in the US in 2004. When it started operations in Korea, one of…