Cruising to Success in the Asian Tourism Market

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Costa Cruises is an Italian cruise line that operates 14 cruise ships sailing under the Italian flag. It provides cruise holidays in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and South America.


Providing information in multiple languages for various nationals.


Costa Cruises has been offering cruises in Asia since 2006, and caters to a wide range of holiday-makers from different countries. There was therefore a need to produce marketing materials using the languages of their customers.

With the need to produce various publications for their promotions, Costa Cruises started working with MYL on translating and typesetting their marketing materials from English to multiple languages, including Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


Instead of Costa Cruises going to different translators for their multilingual translating and typesetting needs, MYL has become their single point of contact for these services.

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