Big Data is Predicting the Future of Translation

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Many organisations have multiple, multi-layered translation requirements that need accurate handling and quick turnaround. To meet the needs of these organisations, many translation service providers use various automated tools that offer both accuracy and efficiency, yet fall short of delivering quantifiable measurements to truly gauge the effectiveness of their service. Enter cloud-based translation tools. These…

Case Study – Marc Jacobs

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ABOUT OUR CLIENT Marc Jacobs is a leading American luxury clothing and accessories brand. MYL’s MISSION Translating training material from English to Korean to deliver consistent professional standards. OUR SOLUTION Marc Jacobs has been shaping fashion trends worldwide ever since it opened in the US in 2004. When it started operations in Korea, one of…

The Machines are Coming

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In late 2016, Google and Microsoft changed the landscape of automated translation by introducing the use of neural machine translation (NMT). Initially launched using a small number of languages — including Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and German, among others — the technology now includes far more languages, with progress over the past year surpassing…

Key Translation Areas and How to Do Well in Them (Part 2)

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In this edition, we asked two leading translators in the Hospitality and Pharmaceutical sectors for their key tips on how to deliver consistently high quality translation. Hospitality 1. Hotels have particular brand flavours. Spending time to review their websites, press releases etc is essential to beginning to understand the brand “essentials”. 2. Do not be…

How To Write Compelling Copy

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Effective writing involves more than simply conveying meaning through words. If your writing is to be read by your target audience, it must be tailored to them, in a style and language that they will not only understand, but relate to. In art as in marketing, relating to the message is key to effective communication….

Voice Search Creates New Opportunities

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With the increasing use of digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana, experts in digital marketing are getting ready for the rise of voice-activated queries, with Forbes calling 2017 the year of the voice search. Apple introduced Siri, the first digital assistant, in October 2011. Since then, Microsoft has followed suit with Cortana, Amazon with…

Exposé – Xinxin

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Xinxin M. has been working with us at MYL for over six years, and is one of our most sought-after translators. MYL: Tell us a little bit about yourself. XM: My undergraduate major was English and I pursued my postgraduate degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in computer-aided translation. It helps me…

Case Study – JLL

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ABOUT OUR CLIENT JLL is the world’s largest provider of commercial real estate strategy, services, and support to organisations. MYL’s MISSION Editing English text in real-time to improve grammar and readability across twelve Asia-Pacific countries. OUR SOLUTION JLL has over a dozen research offices in Asia-Pacific and is a leading provider of research to investors…

Freelancers Wanted

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Earn US$50.00 by referring a new freelancer to MYL. The referee of each successfully hired freelancer gets US$50.00 added to their next pay cheque. We are currently hiring for the following roles: Role: Translator Language pair: English to Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong style) Sectors: Fashion, Finance, Hospitality, Marketing and PR, Real Estate Role: Translator Language…

New Recruits

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MYL linguists are carefully chosen to provide top quality services to Clients. Find out more about our newest recruits. Hui W. Born and educated in Mainland China, Hui is a native Chinese speaker and translator of English to Simplified Chinese. He obtained a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Qingdao…