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Marc Jacobs is a leading American luxury clothing and accessories brand.


Translating training material from English to Korean to deliver consistent professional standards.


Marc Jacobs has been shaping fashion trends worldwide ever since it opened in the US in 2004. When it started operations in Korea, one of the company’s top priorities was to put together a professional and knowledgeable team. This team would reinforce its strong retail culture both at headquarters and in local markets around the world.

MYL was commissioned to translate Marc Jacobs’s training documents from English to Korean. After a stringent screening process, MYL selected a translator who was fashion-savvy, possessed a keen understanding and appreciation of the prominent fashion brand, and who could translate the text in the appropriate style.


Today, Marc Jacobs in Korea is using the training manuals — translated from English to Korean by MYL — for training their local staff and giving them information on the brand’s various seasonal products. By delivering the same standards of performance in Korea Marc Jacobs is able to ensure that its customers receive the same high degree of service that they can expect from Marc Jacobs worldwide.

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