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Maria E. is one of MYL’s top English/Italian/Spanish translators.  MYL caught-up with her recently to find out what makes her successful.

MYL: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

ME: I started my education path in Argentina, where I received my degree as a Certified English to Spanish Translator from the University of Buenos Aires. I have worked as a translator since then.  At a later stage, I decided to move to Italy where my family is from, and where the language is a second mother tongue for me.

MYL: What motivated you to become a translator?

ME: My habit of speaking two languages since I was very young introduced me to the translation world which I embraced, and I eventually added other languages to enlarge my capacities.  I also lived for a period in Manchester in the UK where I did courses on English improvement at the University of Manchester.

MYL: What fields do you specialise in?

ME: During my long career, I gained extensive experience in translation of documents from English and Italian to Spanish, with specialisation in the fields of hospitality, travel, marketing and public relations.

MYL: Do you have any tips for new translators just starting in their careers?

ME: Technology is moving fast, and it is very important to be constantly updated with the new terminology and software available for translators, so that you can be consistent and productive at the same time.

MYL: How do you envision the future of translation, especially in relation to machine translation?

ME: Despite technological improvements, I believe good translators will always be needed.  Translators will remain key allies to help the author to communicate with the world, conveying authentic meaning.

MYL: What do you find are the advantages of working with MYL?

ME: I have worked with MYL for many years now, and we have always enjoyed a very professional and co-operative relationship.


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