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Ruslan P. is one of MYL’s English-to-Russian translators.  We asked him about his work as a successful translator and about working with MYL.

 MYL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

RP: I was born in the USSR, and now live in Poland. I studied German, English, Spanish and Foreign Literature at university. After graduation, I taught German and also did some translations and interpreting before becoming a freelance translator.

MYL: What motivated you to become a translator?

 RP: I have always enjoyed working with foreign languages but didn’t expect to become a translator. There was no external motivation: at a certain moment I just realised there’s nothing else I wanted to do.

MYL: How do you hone your skills as a translator? 

RP: A language professional should constantly improve his skills. I love reading, and I  enjoy movies and music. I also attend seminars and e-training for translators when I need to learn something new.

MYL: What are the advantages of working with MYL?

RP: I have been working with MYL for many years and had the pleasure of meeting the staff in Hong Kong too.  MYL is a chance to work with interesting clients. And MYL’s highly professional staff makes my work easy.

MYL: Which fields do you specialise in?

RP: I specialise mainly in Marketing and Technical translations, but I like widening my horizons.

MYL: Do you have any tips for new translators?

RP: We all follow our own paths and make our own mistakes, but there are two things I can share.

  1. Choose only one or two fields of expertise.
  2. Be very attentive to details. In translation, everything is about details.

MYL: How do you envision the future of translation, especially in relation to machine translation?

RP: Translation is at the threshold of something new. There are already plenty of IT solutions for translators, and I hope machine translation will one day become a translator’s friend and not a lame rival.

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