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Xinxin M. has been working with us at MYL for over six years, and is one of our most sought-after translators.

MYL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

XM: My undergraduate major was English and I pursued my postgraduate degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in computer-aided translation. It helps me to have a better understanding of translation and the leading technology in translation tools.

MYL: What motivated you to become a translator?

XM: It is my dream job. I have studied English and translation for more than 10 years, and translating gives me many opportunities to explore the difference between languages and communication. I love being the bridge between different languages and cultures.

MYL: How do you hone your skills as a translator?

XM: I believe practice and interest are the best ways to make progress. In addition to working for MYL, I have translated five books for a publisher in China mainland. I also regularly attend online courses on English language and translation skills.

MYL: What do you think are the advantages of working with MYL?

XM: With MYL, I am able to access good projects and work for large accounts, which gives me a good chance develop my career as a translator. Meanwhile, it is always a great pleasure to work with MYL. The project managers are friendly and willing to provide help. MYL Translation Management System also brings great convenience to translators.

MYL: Which fields do you specialise in, and how do they match your work with MYL?

XM: Hospitality and service translation. I also love food and cooking and MYL provides services to many leading companies in the hospitality industry, so this is a great match for me.

MYL: Do you have any tips for new translators just starting in their careers?

XM: First and most important, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the subject matter is essential. This is not a job where you can earn a big fortune by chance. It needs practice and patience, and of course, a good agency like MYL is also important!

MYL: How do you envision the future of translation, especially in relation to machine translation?

XM: My major is related with machine translation. I think machine translation and computer-based translation are effective tools to translators, but due to the nature of language/communication, these tools cannot replace human translators. The amazing thing about language is its flexibility. Translators don’t need to be afraid of machine translation. Instead, we should make the best of it and one day it will become an effective assistant.

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