How to Leverage Your Copywriting Skills

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Creatives and copywriters hold much power in their hands when it comes to building brands, but in recent years, their value has been somewhat eclipsed by the very tools that are meant to help them: mobile technology, social media, multi-platform advertising and, ironically, the sheer amount of content that is required these days. There seems to be a growing over-reliance on technological tools and online media platforms to build brands and promote messages, and being viral — being talked about and shared and retweeted by millions online — has become the main goal.

As marketers and advertisers alike work in pursuit of this goal, the value of the copywriter has been somewhat undermined, often to the detriment of the very brands they are meant to build. With social-media content needing to be attention-grabbing and high-impact, visuals and videos seem to be winning the content war.

On top of that, now that speed of execution and delivery is crucial, it is not uncommon for agencies to spread writing jobs across a number of specialists to cover print, video, social media, and other online content. While this might be a time-efficient practice, a level of effectiveness is lost when the writers do not get a strong, first-hand sense of what the brand is all about.

For the Love of the Brand

As a copywriter, it is up to you to make use of every available resource, for the good of the brand that you are promoting. This starts with the copywriting brief — which you must scrutinise for a thorough description of the brand personality, target demographic, key advertising message, and overall brand strategy – all the way to a thorough understanding of how the piece will be assessed and by whom.

Understanding Client styles and preferences can go a long way not only in creating strategic work that will most likely be approved, but also in standing up for creative work that you believe will be effective for the brand. And although a copywriter’s passion in defending his or her work can straddle a thin line between compelling and annoying, the passion of a well-briefed copywriter who understands the brand, the message, and the Client is truly a valuable asset to have on any team.


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