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Copy editors love words, writing and editing, but when it comes to marketing their services many feel they lack the marketing skills to do so.  LINGUIST offers five practical tips on how to overcome this barrier by sharing evolving trends that can create viable opportunities for freelancers.

  1. Editing (and writing) in the field of economics

With global power shifts affecting global economies, there is a growing need for finance companies to develop new content. If you keep yourself abreast of business and economic developments, you should even be able to predict writing trends and make yourself available for the subsequent editing work.

  1. Take advantage of the ever-growing online content

With more publications developing exclusive online content for their online readers, and more organisations putting their member-based newsletters online, there is a growing opportunity for editors. Writers can work with contributing writers to ensure that the corporate style and voice of any number of Clients is consistent across all their articles and content.

  1. Editing multimedia content

The growing volume of videos, slideshows, infographics, charticles, and such calls for both writers and editors to undertake the work. This could be as straightforward as adapting a written piece into an online video presentation, or as complicated as putting together a multi-platform execution based on a big concept.

  1. Editing longform articles

As junk content declines, longform or ‘authority’ articles and blog posts are thriving. Prepare yourself and make yourself attractive for such work by, say, featuring your own longform articles on your website, and developing expertise in specific vertical fields.

  1. Take advantage of inbound marketing

This a fast growing area. Build your freelance business and expose your work, especially as your portfolio grows. This involves promoting your work on your website and — if you’re trying to reach companies that cater to the millennial market and selling millennial brands — your social-media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube.


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