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Effective writing involves more than simply conveying meaning through words. If your writing is to be read by your target audience, it must be tailored to them, in a style and language that they will not only understand, but relate to. In art as in marketing, relating to the message is key to effective communication.

How, then, can you start writing compelling copy that will spur your audience to action? The answer lies in going beyond the demographic profile of your target audience (‘Who are they and what do they buy?’) and into the psychographics (‘How do they live their lives and why do they buy what they do?’). Asking the following questions is a good start.

1. Who is your audience?
Are you talking to affluent middle-aged women living in Hong Kong? Dig deeper and find out more. Are they working or retired? Are they entrepreneurs or artists? Do they have children? Once you learn about their lifestyles, you will learn whether you are talking to a self-made businesswoman or a glamorous celebrity.

2. What are your audience’s interests?
Going back to our wealthy middle-aged woman, if she has teen-aged children she is probably already thinking about their university options and future careers. If she has her own thriving company, she will be concerned about economic trends and how to protect her business. If you know what interests her, you will know how to talk to her.

3. What are their favourite activities?
This question can yield a wealth of useful information about your target. If you are talking to young men in their early-20s, for example, activities can be as diverse as video games, social media, sports, reading, travelling, hiking. This information is invaluable when it comes to deciding not only how to craft your message, but where your message should be placed so that your target sees them.

4. What are their values and attitudes?
Among all the psychographic information, values and attitudes are probably the hardest to obtain, as it involves asking direct questions about specific issues. Nevertheless, they provide great insight into your target, as they reveal what they will most respond to and what will most compel them. Understanding their opinions is extremely valuable, as they reveal values, which underpins motivation.

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