Key Translation Areas and How to Do Well in Them (Part 2)

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In this edition, we asked two leading translators in the Hospitality and Pharmaceutical sectors for their key tips on how to deliver consistently high quality translation.


1. Hotels have particular brand flavours. Spending time to review their websites, press releases etc is essential to beginning to understand the brand “essentials”.

2. Do not be too literal with hospitality translation. Accuracy is essential, but you should also give yourself some flexibility to add style to your text.

3. Keep the translation as reader-friendly as possible, keeping in mind your readers’ situations and reading habits.

4. Imagine the picture as described in the source text. Make it breathtakingly beautiful in your mind, then convert that image into the target language. It is an amazingly creative and productive process.

– Cecilia Z.


1. You will feel less overwhelmed if you first learn as much as you can about the subject matter (e.g., a particular illness or drug).

2. Insist on a term base. There are thousands of medical terms. Your translation agency should be able to provide one to ensure that the Client gets consistency of terms.

3. When translating possible side effects of drugs, use Google as a research tool to verify the translations from the company itself – this needs to be 1100% accurate!

4. When you are done, read the translation objectively, as though you were a patient. This often helps polish the final copy for better readability.

– Vera P.

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