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MYL linguists are carefully chosen to provide top quality services to Clients. Find out more about our newest recruits.

Hui W.

Born and educated in Mainland China, Hui is a native Chinese speaker and translator of English to Simplified Chinese. He obtained a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Qingdao University. Hui began his translation career in 2011 and specialises in translation of automobile, tourism and finance industry documents.

Sally L.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sally is a native Cantonese speaker who specialises in translating English and French to Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. She has a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Hong Kong. Her areas of specialisation in translation include engineering (electrical and mechanical), agricultural, tourism and travel, marketing, law, and pharmaceutical documents.

Mork L.

Mork is a native Chinese speaker and a qualified translator of English to Simplified Chinese. He graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with a bachelor’s degree. He has been translating since 2010 and is especially proficient in translation of documents for the IT, Legal and Engineering industries.

Joelle L.

A resident of Berlin, Germany, Joelle is a native Chinese speaker and received her education in Hong Kong. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts in Translation. She specializes in translating English to Chinese in the following sectors: marketing, social media, travel, luxury products, telecommunications and business documents.

Minha C.

Minha is a native of Korea and has been translating English to Korean since 2011. Prior to beginning her translation career, she studied architecture and this resulted in translating industry-specific documents for many global companies. She also worked for a construction company in the USA, leading to further industry-specific translation experience. Minha’s areas of expertise in translation include travel, beauty, luxury goods, gaming, marketing, architecture and construction.

Jasmine K.

Born and educated in Korea, Jasmine is a native Korean speaker. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Interpretation and Translation from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. She has been translating English to Korean since 2010; and specialises in translation of hospitality, marketing, consumer goods and medical documents.

Doaa G.

Born in Egypt, Doaa is an experienced and recognised English-to-Arabic translator. She has a BA in English Literature and Translation from Ain Shams University of Egypt, and holds certification from the Egyptian Translators & Linguists Association (ETLA). She has been translating since 2007 with a focus on tourism, hospitality and fashion.

Suhua W.

Born and educated in China, Suhua is a native Chinese speaker and experienced in translating English to Simplified Chinese. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English (minor in Translation) from Southwest University of Science and Technology. She has been a translator since 2005; and specialises in translation for machinery, automobiles, petroleum, finance and IT.

Alex W.

Alex is a native Mandarin speaker who is also fluent in Cantonese; and has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature as well as a TEM-8 certificate (TEM refers to Test for English Major) from Southwest University in China. He has been working as a translator of English to Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) since 2000, with extensive expertise in areas such as financial, legal, insurance and marketing translation.

Ayana I.

A native speaker of Japanese, Ayana has a Bachelor of English Literature from Kyoto Women’s University. She has been translating English to Japanese since 2009; and is especially skilled in translation of hospitality and travel, manufacturing, and marketing and PR documents.

Keren N.

Born in Mainland China, Keren is a native Chinese speaker and a member of the Translators Association of China (TAC). She holds a Master of Translation and Interpreting from Shanghai International Studies University, a Bachelor of Arts in Business English from Central South University, and a CATTI certificate (highest level). She has been translating English to Chinese since 2010. Keren is fluent in Chinese, English and Italian. Her areas of expertise in translation include marketing, fashion and IT and software.

Shanice C.

Shanice was born in Mainland China and educated in Hong Kong and Australia. She can speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She lived in Australia for more than 13 years before returning to Hong Kong. She has worked as a copywriter and editor since 2007 and specialises in copywriting for marketing and education.

Joanna B.

Joanna is bilingual in English and French; and enjoyed an extensive career as an English teacher, editor and proofreader before pursuing her passion for copywriting. She was born and educated in the UK, and has always had an appetite for languages and linguistics. Joanna lived in Switzerland and France; and has a degree in French and German (Linguistics and Language Studies) from the University of Southampton. Based in the UK, Joanna has used her linguistics background in her work as an established English copywriter since 2012.

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