6 Ways MYL’s Back Office Can Make Your Job Easier

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9 Ways MYL’s Back Office Can Make Your Job Easier

Streamlining work processes is important to turning jobs around quickly and efficiently. This is why MYL has provided a back-end system to help linguists manage their work flow.  Here are six things that can help make your job easier:

1. Communicate with Clients directly

One of the system’s most important features is the Job Enquiry function, which allows for two-way communication between linguists and Clients. After you submit a Job Enquiry form (which you can also use to send attachments), the Client will receive an e-mail notification and can reply via e-mail.

https://www.mylglobal.com/backoffice/freelancer_login/job_enquiry  (log in required)

2. Manage your deadlines

Back Office tracks the time remaining for completing every job. If you find you need more time to complete your work, you can go to Back Office to request a time adjustment. The system features an option for time extension and a text field to insert reasons for the extension. MYL will then let you know if the extension can be granted, or assign the job to another linguist if necessary.

3. Refer back to completed jobs any time

With Back Office, you can go back to any of your submitted work and any old jobs you have done and use them as reference for future work you need to do.

https://www.mylglobal.com/backoffice/freelancer_login/job_completed (log in required)

4. Generate Pay Reports

You will find the Pay Report function useful in matching payment information, including payment cycles, with your completed jobs.

https://www.mylglobal.com/backoffice/freelancer_login/staff_pay_report (log in required)

5. Download the Translator’s/Editor’s Manual

A comprehensive guide on how to use Back Office is available under ‘General References’ and can be downloaded at any time.

https://www.mylglobal.com/uploads/repository/MYL_Translators_User_Manual_v10.0.doc (log in required)

6. Access LINGUIST e-magazine

Back Office also features LINGUIST, MYL’s quarterly e-magazine that features tips and business trends relating to copywriting, editing, and translation, as well as news on the language industry.


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