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JLL is the world’s largest provider of commercial real estate strategy, services, and support to organisations.


Editing English text in real-time to improve grammar and readability across twelve Asia-Pacific countries.


JLL has over a dozen research offices in Asia-Pacific and is a leading provider of research to investors and institutions. Timely and accurate delivery of the company’s research reports is essential.

MYL was responsible for editing the English-language reports produced by JLL’s research staff, whose first language was not English. The work was edited for grammatical accuracy by an editor who was skilled and familiar with property domain. This freed JLL’s senior research staff from reviewing and revising the English grammar in the reports. The senior team instead focused on checking the accuracy of facts and adding the finishing touches to produce the quality reports expected by JLL’s corporate customers.


The meticulous attention to editing, fact-checking, and other details by MYL and the JLL research team ensured that the quality of JLL reports was consistently high across the organization.

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