Embracing AI Whilst Understanding Its Limits

At Mind Your Language, we’re constantly at the cutting edge, integrating state-of-the-art language technologies to boost our writing, editing, and translating services. Yet, it’s vital for us as pioneers — and for you, our valued clients — to grasp the capabilities and limitations of language models, such as those we utilise in our AI+ Platform.

Language models like ChatGPT, Gemini, Mistral, LLAMA, and Grok have transformed the way we engage with digital content, pushing the frontiers of automated content creation. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that these models, regardless of their sophistication, possess inherent limitations. One such limitation is their inability to fact-check their own work.

Why is this so? Language models function by predicting the subsequent most probable word in a sequence, constructing sentences based on patterns discerned from extensive textual data. This approach is incredibly effective for producing coherent and contextually suitable content. However, the models do not distinguish truth from falsehood; they do not cross-reference their statements with external factual databases. They generate text based on statistical likelihood, not factual precision.

This limitation is akin to a “hallucination” where the model might deliver information confidently, but without the capacity to ensure its veracity. It’s not a deliberate mistake, as language models lack motives, emotions, or personal histories. They do not deceive, misremember, or become perplexed as humans might. Their mistakes arise from a fundamentally different mechanism.

Comprehending this trait is crucial for our clients when using AI-powered services. It implies that while AI can craft, edit, or translate content with extraordinary efficiency, the end result is greatly enhanced by human supervision. This is why Mind Your Language provides a mix of AI and human expertise — guaranteeing that the content not only flows smoothly but also stands up to verification for accuracy and dependability.

Our pledge extends beyond simply harnessing technology; it involves coupling it with the acumen of professional humans. For AI-generated content, we offer human copywriting, editing, and translating services to fact-check, refine, and certify the work. We’re also working on developing more sophisticated, bespoke AI models that can heighten precision, aiming for a future where AI’s speed is equalled by its accuracy.

In summary, as we look forward to the evolution of more advanced AI language models, we stay mindful of their current constraints. We’re thrilled by the prospects of AI in language services, but we also remain steadfast in our duty to provide content that earns your confidence. At Mind Your Language, we don’t just adopt technology; we advance with it, thoughtfully and with clear vision.

Anton Strydom,
Technology Director

About MYL
MYL provides AI and Human content generation, editing and translation services to multinational companies through its “AI+ Platform”. AI+ augments the latest large language models with its deep talent bench of human linguists and enables enterprise customers to host customised models in private secure environments. Book a consultative appointment with one of our AI Specialists here to discuss our enterprise level customised products.