New Flash Copywriter for Marketing Pros

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Flash Copywriter, an innovative new service to compliment Flash Edit and Flash Translator. Flash Copywriter is aimed at marketing professionals worldwide who need access to ideas and high-quality generative content.

With in-built forms and engineered prompts to create compelling articles, blogs, press releases and social media posts, Flash Copywriter leverages the best large language models and gives marketing professionals easy frameworks to generate fresh ideas and stand-out content, and then have the option of a human copywriter to proofread the output.

Key Product Features

Built-in prompts -prompts engineered by experienced copywriters to save marketeers the time of thinking of the prompts themselves

Retrieve great work – the platform allows users to store work securely so they can see the inputs that produced their best ideas and work

Human validation -for added peace of mind, users have the option to have a professional copywriter proof-read and validate the output of the content

Gerry Ball, CEO of MYL, said:

“This is ChatGPT on steroids! We’re taking the world’s best technology and harnessing it with amazing human copywriters, and giving the customers the choice, based on budgets and time. The AI only service will be free while it is in beta, and we will be offering paid models for enterprise customers that require deeper customisation.”

Flash Copywriter is designed to streamline workflow, boost productivity, and help users achieve their marketing goals more effectively. Let MYL’s Flash Copywriting services be your secret weapon in creating standout content that captivates your audience and drives results.

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About MYL
MYL provides AI and Human content generation, editing and translation services to multinational companies through its “AI+ Platform”. AI+ augments the latest large language models with its deep talent bench of human linguists and enables enterprise customers to host customised models in private secure environments. Book a consultative appointment with one of our AI Specialists here to discuss our enterprise level customised products.