Ritz Carlton Christmas


Festive Lunch @ RMB328+ (Nov 25 – Dec 31)

Savour a bounty of festive delicacies this December. The talented chefs at FOODS have fashioned an array of tender choice cuts complete with all the festive trimmings.  The specialty carvery and hot food station feature classic seasonal delights including succulent honey glazed gammon ham, chestnut butter slow roasted turkey and hearty Guinness braised … Read More

Malaysia Early Meeting Package


Enticing benefits for early bookers at nine Malaysian hotels and resorts

Staying productive and focused is straightforward and seamless at Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ portfolio of business orientated hotels in Malaysia. An array of options abound at nine diverse hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang or Sabah, providing the perfect setting … Read More

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Smart Data, Smart Results: How CRMs Help You Run Your Business Better

We’re eyeballs-deep in data. Thanks to advances in technology, you can instantly access information on customers, sales, your competition and your business environment. Most businesses don’t suffer from too little information: the problem lies in lack of access to the right data that allows you to make correct decisions for your business.

Without the right data, a factory manager’s badly-timed … Read More

Return of the Speakeasy

During the Philippines’ stint as a U.S. colony between 1898 and 1945, the locals adopted much of American culture without question – but stopped short of adopting Prohibition the 1920s. Filipinos ate cheeseburgers and donned zoot suits with the best of them, but continued to drink legally through the dry years.

It’s surprising and somewhat ironic to find hard-drinking Filipinos looking back to the roaring 20s with nostalgia: … Read More

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Brioni today announced the opening of its first direct-operated store at the Chengdu International Finance Square, marking an exciting step in the expansion of the Italian couture brand in China.

Conceptualized as a luxury Italian residence in the fashionable city of Chengdu, the new Brioni store is a fusion of elegant European aesthetics with graceful Chinese accents, including … Read More


MONTH, DAY, YEAR – Calvin Klein today announced the launch of the Calvin Klein Fall [DATE] menswear and womenswear collection in Japan.

The collection features Calvin Klein’s quintessential design simplicity that focuses on classic sensuality. The foundation of the collection is reimagined silhouettes from Calvin Klein’s archival designs, featuring … Read More

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Science is for all of us

You may have seen a recent report that it just may be possible to make a warp drive of the kind seen on Star Trek – by warping space-time around a starship, so it can travel faster than light. Like the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, it’s the kind of story that suggests science is the esoteric domain of eggheads in ivory towers, perhaps of interest but without direct relevance to the rest of us.

Compounding this impression, few job openings specify any of the sciences. Yet levels of scientific knowledge – and understanding of how science works – greatly affect the lives of you and me, including through decisions we make, and grander decisions with far reaching impacts on our … Read More

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Dining in Phuket, the fabulous four

Thailand is renowned for its fresh-tasting food with a somewhat fierce kick. The southern regions of Thailand boast sharp and spicy food heavily influenced by neighbouring countries Indonesia and Malaysia. Persian, Arabian and Portuguese traders also brought spices, recipes and cooking techniques and added them into the eccentric mix of multifarious cuisine. Old Town Phuket is already known for its eclectic art scene; the food … Read More

Shambhala Grand Villa, Boat Avenue, Phuket

Nestled into the bustling suburb of Cherngtalay on the north-west coast of Phuket lies an unexpected haven of peace and tranquillity. The Shambhala Grand Villas is a small collection of profound homes that have been carefully developed by Boon Yongsakul and his team at Boat Pattana. Precise feng shui principles play an essential part in the design and placement of fundamental features. Architects … Read More

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